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Bella's thoughts

By meh

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to think that ones life is interesting enough to write about is indeed flattering. I wouldn't say though that my life was necessesarily in that particular category..My name is Annabelle. I am suspisicious of religon, advertising and know-it-alls. My teeth will one day fall out from overconsumption of Trident chewing gum. My closest friend on the Earth is a boy from the capital of Texas. I sleep diagonally until I have company, then I sleep lengthwise. I am straight, yet I adore sparkling water and women in great shoes. I have a bionic left middle finger as a result of a freak hide and seek accident. My right eye goes lazy after about 3am. If you feed me after midnight, I multiply. My name, when translated literally, means "English Beauty" or so google told me. Which I find horrifyingly exotic. I live on an old piece of land that at one point in time in the 1900's was im sure, a working brothel. As a result, the ghosts of under paid and over worked prostitutes roam my hallways. So, there is a lingering smell of cheap perfume in the kitchen of my home after 3am, which might explain my occasional lazy eye.. You may have just heard the sounds of very small violins playing behind that last comment, but don't feel sorry for me; I have sorbet parties at every Eqinox and spend about half a day thereafter happily cleaning the "sticky" out of my fingernails. My right knee is named Chet and my left is Garrison. Everything I wear once belonged to someone else, or so I like to think; with the specific exception of socks, and underpanties. Now, does that brief description of my life deserve the title "interesting"? Likely, not. You decide